What Blockchains does NFT Locker support?

We currently support Ethereum and Polygon. In addition to being able to mint on these networks we are able to support credit card purchases and hold NFTs as a custodian for users who do not currently have a personal cryptocurrency wallet.

What is the difference between Ethereum and Polygon?

Currently, the biggest difference is the cost to mint and transfer/sell. Ethereum "gas fees" (these are fees paid every time you buy/sell tokens or NFTs) are very high. Polygon (which operates on the Ethereum Blockchain) has much lower fees since they operate as proof-of-stake.

Currently, we default to the Polygon Network to mint all NFTs, however we can mint to the Ethereum blockchain as well - but there will be additional fees added onto any transactions.

What are the contracts?

POLYGON CONTRACT: 0xABF9813058FdD8867CF3179823B1E2480867E981

ETHEREUM CONTRACT: 0x6Ac128a9062041B3D59D2EC83A7CaF2FDf71D001

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