How to buy an NFT

Purchasing an NFT is very easy. You can choose to buy with credit card or cryptocurrency. Once you find the NFT you want to buy, you click on the buy button and it will ask you which form of payment you prefer. If you are paying with cryptocurrency, you will have to have a wallet we support. We recommend Metamask for Ethereum and Polygon NFTs and Phantom for Solana.

Once you purchase the NFT we will mint the NFT to your personal wallet (if you paid via cryptocurrency) or your custodial wallet on NFTLocker. You can store your NFTs on NFTLocker at no cost and when/if you want to transfer to a personal wallet you can do so at any time in the future.

Can I resell my NFT?

Yes. You can resell your NFT on NFTLocker or any other NFT Marketplace. The price you resell it for is entirely up to you.

Are their fees or royalties?

Yes. NFTLocker may charge transaction fees and receive royalties on artwork that is minted using NFTLocker. The transaction fees are due to gas fees required by the blockchain networks that are used to mint the NFTs. The fees differ amongst the different blockchains (Ethereum, Polygon, Solana). The royalties are used to pay for the use of our service and to compensate artists. The total fees and royalties average 1% to 10% depending on the price of the NFT.

Do you offer help in reselling / marketing my NFT?

Yes. NFTLocker does offer services to collectors looking to resell their NFT. These services include marketing to our existing users / collectors as well as appraising the value of an NFT.

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