How to sell your Artwork

Once you register, you can upload your artwork and sell it as an NFT. The process of creating an NFT is a little complicated to understand, but we make it easy. The most important thing to understand is how to upload your artwork, decide on how many copies you are selling as part of your series and the price of each copy.

Once your artwork is available to be purchased, the collectors can buy using a credit card or cryptocurrency. All proceeds from sales will be deposited into you account on minus transaction fees.

How many copies should I have in my series?

This really depends on the artwork and the price. If you would like multiple people to enjoy the ownership of you artwork and want to make it more affordable, then you can create more copies and keep the price lower. If you prefer to only sell one copy and have a higher price, it will potentially take longer to sell (since the market hasn't determined the value of your art yet) - unless of course you are a notable artist with a strong following. For new artists will no experience we suggest pricing your NFT in the $10 to $100 range and 100 - 500 copies. Of course this does depend on the artwork and artist.

How does the buyer (collector) get their NFT?

Once the buyer purchases the NFT, we mint your artwork directly to their wallet (or to their NFTLocker Account). They will have ownership of a specific NFT with a serial number related to your series. There is no action you need to take as the artist/owner. Once they own the NFT they can resell the NFT on NFTLocker or any other NFT marketplace.

Are their fees or royalties?

Yes. NFTLocker may charge transaction fees and receive royalties on artwork that is minted using NFTLocker. The transaction fees are due to gas fees required by the blockchain networks that are used to mint the NFTs. The fees differ amongst the different blockchains (Ethereum, Polygon, Solana). The royalties are used to pay for the use of our service and to compensate artists. The total fees and royalties average 1% to 10% depending on the price of the NFT. Transaction fees are typically paid by the buyer.

Where is my NFT minted?

All NFTs are minted to the NFT Locker Minting wallet (0x51049066d8ce32D647c6e5E5a92E037040a7f70D). This is where we store all NFTs until they are transferred out to the owners wallet (by request).

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