What can I do with my NFT?

For more details on permitted use of your NFT we suggest reading our Terms and Conditions. However, here are some of the basic conditions when you own an NFT:

- You are allowed to resell your NFT and transfer ownership
- You are allowed to use the NFT for personal use.
- You are NOT allowed to modify the NFT and then sell the modified NFT.
- You are NOT allowed to use the NFT in connection with other media that depict violence, hatred, hate speech, etc
- You are NOT allowed to use for commercial purposes (merchandise that includes the image)

Some NFTs do offer more flexible licenses. If they do, we will have a notation in the description outlining extended permitted use. The above restrictions are our default terms.

What if I want to use the NFT for commercial purposes?

If this is a requirement, you can reach out to the artist directly or through NFTLocker and we can see if that is an option. Of course, expanding the license usually increases the cost of the NFT.

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