Shyanne Sellers

Serial No. # 6 out of a series of 50

College: University of Maryland
Hometown: Aurora, OH

Limited Edition Platinum Series
Qty: 50
Drop Date: 3/17/22

Shyanne's Postgame NFT is one of the first-ever collegiate Women's Basketball NFT's in history and likely the first-ever NFT for a University of Maryland women's basketball player. Invest in Shyanne through this Limited Edition Platinum NFT.

Network: polygon
Contract: 0x2D70256D864b3153a309a1f6a9ECeb1c1FAc7aCA
Wallet: 0x51049066d8ce32d647c6e5e5a92e037040a7f70d
Token ID: 1335
Opensea: View

About Postgame

Postgame connects college athletes with opportunities to earn from their Name, Image & Likeness. Endorsements, NFT's...

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